Monday, November 14, 2016

SPORTS: Friends Not Foes

The Young Relative and his father ran in Sunday's "Friends Not Foes" post-season race through Anson Nixon Park (the "friends" in the race name are the cross-country teams from neighboring Kennett and Unionville high schools).
At a delicious post-race meal at La Pena Mexicana, the elder Tally-ho admitted sheepishly that as he was really pushing himself and running hard, his son and some teammates easily breezed past him while joking around and carrying on a conversation.
"They should have a father/son competition," he suggested. "We would have won!"
The YR explained that the team's training regimen includes twice-a-week hydro workouts in the deep end of the Kennett Y pool, not just treading water but actually running in the water, half of the time with their arms raised above their heads. Serious pain!

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