Thursday, December 22, 2016

BIRTHDAY: Excellent customer service

By accident, a birthday card to a friend of mine from his sister was delivered to the Republic Services trash-collection company in West Grove, which has a street address similar to his.
Michele, who works in customer service at Republic, forwarded it on to him, apologizing for the delay and explaining that she had opened the card in error because the company receives so many Christmas cards this time of year.
She also wrote on her sticky note, "You are double blessed to celebrate the Savior's birth month with yours." She said she was determined to get the card to him because "No Birthday would be complete without a card from your best sister!"
She wished him a Happy Birthday, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and noted that like the Hallmark slogan, "Your sister cared to send the best for her Best Brother Ever!") (Which is true, given that he is also her ONLY brother.)
As if that wasn't enough, Michele even went out and got a fresh envelope for the card: "Hallmark provided the tan envelope -- they apologize for not having lavender."

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