Sunday, December 18, 2016

CHALFANT: An update on the renovation project

Jayne Bair, who owns the Chalfant Mansion in downtown Kennett, texted me the other day: Would I like to see the progress being made on renovating the historic house, which was heavily damaged by fire in November 2014?
Of course I said yes, and what a difference from the last time I was inside the fire-damaged treasure back in March! New windows have been installed, allowing much more light inside. Workers from MOBAC are busy rebuilding the back part of the house from the ground up. The elaborate fireplaces, which were heavily damaged by smoke, are being cleaned. Some of the woodwork was burned beyond repair; the banister on one part of the staircase is being replicated, for example.
The 1884 mansion, designed by noted Philadelphia architect Frank Furness, will serve as the headquarters for Jayne's real-estate business (Century 21 Pierce & Bair), and she hopes she and her agents will be able to move in next March.
This stylized carving of a dog's head decorates one of the fireplaces.

This part of the staircase is being replaced.

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