Sunday, December 18, 2016

MEANING OF LIFE: Gratitude from a mother

Lisa Moore, the manager of Kennett Township, wrote the following post on Facebook on Dec. 17 after her son and his friends survived a late-night 30-car pileup in which two people died. I found her thoughts to be both true and relevant. She kindly gave me permission to share it:
"I must say how thankful I am this morning that my son and his friends are home safe. . . . How tragic for those families that are grieving this morning. I pray and pray for them.
"I am writing this because I read through many Facebook posts and see people attacking and degrading each other over things that truly don't matter.
What matters in this world are our loved ones, being nice and helpful to each other and thankful to be on this earth. I hope going through this holiday season everyone realizes how fortunate they are and tell the ones you love how much you appreciate them each and every day."

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